Monday, 9 November 2009

Seeing Red

I made a visit to Southport in the hope of photographing a visiting Shorelark and although it had shown earlier in the day it didn't put in an appearance for yours truly. That said I was never going to have a bad day after I had made a point of passing through Altcar on my way there. I slowly patrolled around the narrow lanes in my usual manner in the hope of finding a Barn Owl, this however, was also not to be. I stopped at several points to scan the panorama, and at one of these points a Heron came into view silhouetted against the light. Or so I though, as it came closer I could make out some reddish markings, I was in fact looking at a Red Kite. I couldn't believe my eyes as I had never heard of them in these parts. It came close enough for me to get a decent shot not as good as Gigrin, but what the hell this was a local wild bird and is worth more than all my Gigrin shots put together.


  1. Dave. Nice meeting up again today. A real red letter day for you with your own red kite and a lovely shot of this magnificent raptor.

    Incidentally Paul Foster tells me lots and lots of starlings roosting at Leighton Moss.

  2. Great shot of one of my favourite birds, they are definitely turning up in al kinds of different places now.

  3. Great shot David of a wild Red Kite.Always nice to see, but not very often in our parts though!


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