Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Early Morning in North Berwick

Sunset over Fidra
The Cottage from West Beach
Another day another sunrise
Bass Rock Sunrise
Isle of May can just be made out on the horizon
A two week break was divided, a week in the Scottish coastal town of North Berwick and a week in our beloved peaceful hamlet of Alwinton in Northumberland.
North Berwick is a place we have often visited on day trips when we have been holidaying in Northumberland and has always been on my wish list as a place to stay for a few days. We chose a renovated fisherman's cottage set right in the confines of the busy harbour. It sounded idyllic and we were not to be disappointed, the views from the lounge looked directly down onto the West Beach, accompanied each evening with stunning sunsets. From the bedroom and kitchen we overlooked the East Beach dominated by Bass Rock and an equally impressive array of sunrises.
Each morning my eyelids were prised open by the orange glow of light that filled the room as if a flower welcoming a new day. I couldn't resist getting up and taking a peek behind the curtains....WOW, it was simply an astonishing sight with the flag poles of the Seabird Center and the plum pudding Bass Rock silhouetted against the ever changing hues of the morning dawn....natures theater.
I couldn't resist, I slipped my fleece on over my pajamas, picked up my camera and a couple of lenses, and ventured out into the cold morning air, thirty seconds later at 5.30am I stood on East Beach quite alone, save for a dozen or so Eiders huddled up in the corner of the sea wall and a few Herring Gulls gilding around, occasionally they would call out breaking the deafening silence...magic.
Reflections from the dead calm paddling pool, a concrete barrier that traps the incoming tidal water formed a mirror image of a dramatic sky. I took image after image including the sunrise which rose to the right of Bass Rock at 6.08am.
I returned to the cottage only to change my lens to the 500mm and headed straight back out past the harbour and onto the rocks past the Seabird Center gabbing some flight shots of passing Gannets, Shags, Cormorants and Eiders, all where a bit distant but it didn't matter it was great to be out on such a glorious morning. Suddenly I felt chilly and hungry and decided to return for breakfast... goodness me it was 9.30 people were by this time knocking about, dog walkers, the milk man, a few tourist and me in my pajamas.


  1. Dave.Stunning stuff. It looks and sounds idyllic.Fabulous sunrises. Looking forward to see what birds you have photographed. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Yes Brian, it was what it said on the tin.

  3. Must second Brian's comments on your images which are stunning David....simple as that!

    And by the way just in case I ever forgot to mention earlier I used to 'do' photography on a serious level and so anything I say is official!


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