Sunday, 16 May 2010

Three for Breakfast

Sunday morning breakfast is a leisurely affair in the Cookson household. I nip out for the newspapers while Margaret gets to grips with the coffee and toast, we then munch and slurp our way through the "cuisine" as we catch up with all the scandal and goings on of the past week.
We are broadly of the same political divide, but do have our own opposing views on certain matters, these are aired as if at PMs question time in adversarial fashion.
Throughout this ritual half an eye is on the silver birch in case the gold crest (our favorite visitor) decides to put in an appearance.
Our conversation was going like this......
"I hope this coalition works, its more in keeping with the wishes of the people, rather than being dictated to by a landslide government" said I.
"Don't be daft, the country needs to be steered not left blowing in the wind" was my dearest retort.
"Dinosaur politics, what we need...............
"Fox on the lawn"!!!
Indeed there was a fox on the lawn, calmly collecting the birds bread before skulking off with its booty.
Margaret cut some more bread and quartered an apple while I dashed for the camera.
I replenished the stock of food on the lawn and within five minutes the fox returned and collected a mouthful bread and apple before departing under the rhododendron bush. I suspect it had brought a cub or two such was it's comings and goings and the time is about right. A few years back during the summer we had four foxes running around the garden in the twilight hours. Lets hope for the same again, but ten in the morning will do very well indeed.


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