Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shopping Again

"Can we go to Southport to do a bit of shopping" asked her ladyship. "Not a problem" I replied. I love shopping at Southport, I'll rephrase that, I love my wife shopping at Southport. Now lets get this straight, what actually happens is that I drop Margaret off in Lord Street then I head off for Marshside, after five expensive hours or so I meet her at the Swan chippy and we've both had a good time. Margaret has a few bag from M&S and I have a few images of Sedge Warblers.
Simply put I love shopping at Southport.


  1. Does it work out very expensive though?

  2. Nah John, she tries the stuff on at home and something always wrong with it and takes it back on Monday-----I think?

  3. What a stunning web site. Your photography is in a league of its own


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