Monday, 4 October 2010

A Good Week On The Home Front

A loud bang on the dinning room window meant only one thing, a bird had crashed into it. I went round to investigate as a sparrowhawk was flying to the fence, luckily for me it had its back to me giving me time to dart backwards. My camera was in the room and I crawled to get it, then gingerly got up and fired a few shots before it spotted me and flew off. I went outside and found its intended victim a chaffinch frozen under my car, latter it flew off unscathed. All this before breakfast, starting work on an empty stomach isn't recommended.
But it hasn't been a bad week on the home front, BEAKY turned up out of the blue, and few days ago I had a visiting willow tit for about four hours, it was pouring down at the time but I managed a half decent snap before it left.


  1. Excellent as always David.

    Did you know the Willow Tit is extinct as far as our area is concerned. I'll speak to you about this bird when next we meet/talk on the phone. Meanwhile don't ever think of giving up photography....please.

  2. Pete one day I will give up photography, it will be the day I die.


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