Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Good Hare Day

"A good hare day" a cliche I know, but better than "hare today and gone tomorrow"
Well out photographing the Barn Owl again last night when the farmer decided to make hay. He was done and gone within an hour and four Hares looked dazed and disorientated in the wreck of what must have been their home.

"HARES" one with a good left jab

And I managed a Barnie as well



  1. Love the most recent hunting Barn Owl on the website David. That's exactly what I'm trying to achieve. Were they taken a few weeks back when I bumped into you and Barrie? At the time I left for home, the light was fading and the young bird decided to take himself over the road. Did you get the shots after that?

  2. Incredible photo of the barn owl!!
    Your galerie in general is supreme, ....
    Nice day.


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