Tuesday, 25 October 2011

They're Back With A Vengeance

I went to Martin Mere on Saturday (22nd Oct) just to evaluate the situation, I was most surprised to see the vast numbers of Whooper Swans on the mere. In past years they had been drifting in, in dibs and drabs at this stage of the season, but the numbers that have arrived thus far are so great that the management have decided to start feeding, this process normally only starts in early November ( around the 5th my birthday....hint,hint).
I managed some very satisfying images of  whoopers along with ruff, lapwing, pintail, wigeon and shoveler.
The day was enjoyed the company of Steve Dolan and Charlie Owen and a couple of people who I meet from time to time, but unfortunately don't know their names (forgive me for that).
A word of warning, unless your fabulously wealthy take some food and drink with you, Steve paid nine pound odd for chips & a scoop of something (smaller than a child's portion in my opinion)  and a scone, I fared little better when a sweet with custard plus a cuppa set me back five pound fifty.
Once bitten twice shy!!!!
Anyhow some pics.....

Whooper Swan

Heave - Ho (Ruff)

Dancing Feathers - My favorite image from the day 
A few days earlier I had paid a visit to Leighton Moss and as I entered the EM hide the sun was making it's entrance on the new day casting a pink glow on the underside of the clouds, this in turn was reflected in the water just as a pair of little egrets passed through the scene.
Little Egrets


  1. Dave. Another series of fabulous images from your lens...Dancing Feathers is special and will do well I am sure in Canon's Comp. The one from Leighton is another cracker and was worth the early start. No doubt bump into you and Steve again.

  2. I am running out of superlatives – I always enjoy seeing your images Dave – spiffing!

  3. Another stunning set of images David, my two faves being shot two, with the pair of Whoopers nuzzling up, & the Egrets @ Leighton Moss, beautiful photographs!


  4. Hi David,

    Long time follower of your blog and your pictures. It's fantastic to see so many cracking photos from all my favourite places around West Lancs and nearby. As a west Lancs exile its nice to see such shots from 'home'.



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