Sunday, 8 January 2012

Settling In.....

Settling in after a sticky start, keep patting the crease, keep concentrating, the buggers won't get me out, in the sixty's now, I'm going to get a century, I'm going to get a bloody century.



  1. Some stunning images in really nice light David. Although you don't mention the site would I be not too far away in suggesting it would be "enterprising"! If so I was out that way working in the week (tuesday) and popped in, weather was foul and needless to say no owls!!!

  2. My comments are in danger of becoming boring at this rate so I'll need to come up with something a little more original, but meanwhile....BLOODY HELL DAVID, bloody hell!

  3. CRACKIN (as always)... watch out for the odd googlie or chinaman!

    (how do you craete and import the slideshow?)
    ying yang ...

  4. Geoff, mine is imported though my web, but you might be able to do it with windows media.
    P.S just negotiated a tricky over, the balls turning and skidding wickedly out of the rough.

  5. Dave. I know you will certainly get that century !!! Keep batting and with shots like these you are certainly on a winner.. Hope to see you around.

  6. stunning shots David and some lovely shots on here.


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