Friday, 6 March 2009

In Deepest England

Common Buzzard

Feeding on the carcass of a Squirrel

Common Buzzard
It had a couple of mice as well

Great Tit
Met up with my mate Steve for a shoot on a private estate. The guy who owns it is into photography and has set up a number of hides to shoot the local wildlife. Steve gets invited as a he is a friend and I tag along as excess baggage. We could hear Buzzards calling, and although it was a long shot decided to sit it out in the hope that one would land, as you can see our luck was in. My only disappointment was, I was using a little used zoom lens and it was set at only half the focal length of its maximum. I have therefore had to crop into the images that could and should have been full frame. I don't suffer fools lightly especially when the idiot is myself - the air was a little blue.

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