Thursday, 5 March 2009

Pennington Flash

Male Goosander with Female behind
Male Bullfinch

Alder Catkins.

OK, so I will start again. I tried to put some additions to this post and finished up deleting it by mistake.

Last week I went to Pennington Flash on a couple of occasions, once with a virtual friend Jon Evans from Suffolk. I say virtual friend as we had met if you can call it that by commenting on one another's images on Birdguides. He was up here on business, and we managed to squeeze in a few hours of photography. Bullfinch and Goosander was on the menu. Pennington isn't my favorite place as the light isn't particularly good although there is an abundance of Bullfinch. From one of the hides the Alder Catkins were showing in lovely evening light and we had also seen a Bullfinch flitting around, so I thought it deserved another hour of my time.

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