Sunday, 30 August 2009

A "Reedie" Meal

I briefly called into a spot were lots of reed warblers had been around during the summer months. It was late August and was surprised to find a pair still feeding young. The hunting habits of the parents held me captive for more than three hours, and it was a challenge trying to capture the scene as they flitted at a rate of knots amongst the vegetation. One interesting observation - the reed warbler would attack the hover-flies knocking them into the water, after a brief struggle they would surccumb, then the warbler would collect them in twos and threes before taking the lunch basket back to its young.


  1. Dave. Great shots and great observation. Catch up with you sometime !!

  2. Yes interesting observation Dave which was certainly well worthy of a mention on Birds2blog along with one of your excellent images of the Reed Warbler above for which I thank you once again for allowing me to copy.

  3. Interesting observation and your shots capture the bird's movement well.


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