Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Great Crested Grebe

Not long to go now for our warbler invasion, hopefully this year will be a little more normal, having had apart from one cold snap a relatively mild winter. If memory serves me well (I don't keep records) I saw and photographed my first wheatear around the 15th of March in our milder winters. Then all hell breaks lose, well lets hope so anyway.
One species returning to our inland lakes and ponds now the ice has melted is the great-crested grebe, I photographed the one above last week, quite artistic as its wake created some lens flare. Although some dick-head commented on Birdguides accusing me of photoshoping it! My short fuse burst, I was livid and insulted. I can assure you I haven't doctored it in any way, its the genuine article. I can also assure you I've put the guy straight.

Elegance personified

This is simply one of my favorite birds, it personifies elegance, and love with its ritual courtship greeting, and exuberance with its weed dance.

Ritual Greeting

Electrifying the Weed Dance

What more could one ask for, from a common bird.


  1. David, absolutely superb, and glad you put the idiot straight, its a superb shot.

  2. Stunning David. Pity about the 'dick-head' - plenty of them around without even looking for them - and pleased to hear you put him straight.

    Like I said....stunning David.

  3. Completely beautiful! and something quite magical about them. A friend, "new" to birds, was very taken with their dance!


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