Sunday, 13 November 2011

More From The Forestry Commission

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Forest can create some magical light and this first image goes someway towards what I was trying to achieve.
Swooping In For A Meal
Top Food For Jays

Waiting For More

Sitting Pretty In Gorgeous Light

Leap Of Faith


  1. Incredible images - this is the standard that people should strive for David.

  2. We don't get many Jays round here David, so I'm massively envious this time not just of the quality of the photos but also the subject. What a terrific bird they are, the Red Squiggles ain't bad either, I can feel a trip south of Southport coming on - that'll be some lunch break!

  3. Stunning images David.The bar is being hired all the time I just hope I can climb another rung or two.I feel as though I am progressing slowly and hopefully these images will give me inspiration.


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