Friday, 17 February 2012

In and Out



A goldcrest puts in an all to brief appearance

And a wren flits about all over the place

And where would I be without my blackbirds

BY THE SEA........

A small collection of sanderling shots taken close to Fleetwood on the high-tide.


 Many years ago I reckon I put in 80 hours trying to photograph a distant blob, namely a glossy ibis then resident at Marshside.....then I find one feeding with a few mallard by the side of the I've said before that's wildlife photography for you.

Nice to bump into Brian Rafferty, Martin Jump and Geoff Gradwell on my trips.



  1. Hi David,some stunning shots of the Sanderling.You must have dug a hole to get those angles.Love the Glossy Ibis shot!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful photos! How amazing to come across the Glossy Ibis like that.

    I would love to have a Goldcrest in my garden but if I did I probably would miss it as I have a large old apple tree which blocks a lot of the view of my garden from the window. There is no way I would remove it though, it has lived here a lot longer than I have, I think it is at least sixty years old so in my opinion deserves some respect.

  3. Dave. Superb shots as always ...Looks like the new camera support worked very well !! Bump into you again no doubt..Take care.

  4. Beautiful David - really enjoyed those.

  5. Lovely set of images David - especially love the sanderlings and ibis!

  6. Hi David

    Not sure you'll read this or the right place to send you a message,

    Can you advise on your blogger template what you have in place to accept the 'changing photos' under your header.
    No matter what I try I can't seem to insert a widget/gadget/slideshow/video. Was hoping you might advise.
    (You'll have to go to the design page, you will have a 'header' and then something underneath – I was wondering what that 'something' was.
    Many Thanks


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