Thursday, 2 February 2012

IN THE NETS...and boy do we need to be!

Nothing much happening at the moment, apart from Shorties all over the place....over the past weeks I have visited three site in Lancashire and one in Wales, all top secret of course, trouble is apart from one of these sites, where I have not encountered so much as a dog walker (bless em) the other three have been packed to the rafters with photographers and bird watchers.......Wikileaks!!!! No bother, it's like being in a traffic jam and complaining about all the traffic in front of you, while all those behind you are doing the same......your part of it.

Taken at one of the more popular sites, but as it was hammering down and black as night for most of the day I was alone with the owls

Only seen Mrs Kingfisher one since the first freeze, so she survived. Frozen over again at the moment, I fear she may be off to find a mate when the thaw sets in......  so a lot of work for one shot....well that's wildlife photography for you.

The Clock....twenty five to three

Purple Sandpiper found on a recent visit to Wales

I have a couple of sites where Barn Owls are active at the moment so I may have more luck with them.

In the nets, head down, concentrate.



  1. Hi David

    I think the one in the tree, while is was dark and hammering down is absolutely brilliant. Great series of shots.

  2. You'd best get out of them nets, padded up – you're in! Unbelievable!
    Super series of photos as always.
    The 'raining owl' is excellent and that goldcrest in that setting is similar super.
    There's a Kingfisher on our patch but these freezing conditions don't bode well. Fingers crossed for all of them.

  3. Dave. All excellent as usual...Purple Sand is my favourite..Nice to see your barnies are active...Hopefully catch up with you sometime.

  4. I know what you mean about the busy SEO spots....but I like your traffic jam analogy! Great the owl on the branch and the barn owl of course!


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