Saturday, 19 May 2012

Starting to see Red

The top of my hit list too photograph this season is the redstart along with pied flycatcher. I don't wish to travel to the likes of Gilfach Farm where the photographer is pretty much guaranteed sightings of these beautiful species, if for no other reason than the cost of that liquid gold.....PETROL!!!
But in my case their's another reason, and that is they occur only eight miles from my home on the West Pennines. In past seasons I have been successful locating and photographing the pied flycatcher latest effort at the bottom.... but the redstart has always eluded me, even though it's call could be heard around one certain area.
 This year I have made half a dozen visits and seen fleeting glimpses of the bird, so last week I put in a concerted effort and finally managed to pin it down. When I say pin it down it isn't exactly sitting out in the open, it is flitting about the heavily leafed trees and that gives awkward views for the photographer, that said I have managed a long shot, heavily cropped snap presented here, whether I will improve on that, it remains to be seen. But whether or not I do, it is eminently more satisfying tracking and finding your own material than joining the masses on the merry-go-round.

The Common Redstart

The Pied Flycatcher



  1. They really are difficult to aproach Dave,Im havin the same problems too.Nice when you capture one though!

  2. I, it never gets any easier Paul, but that's why it's such fun trying. Thanks and see you around sometime.

  3. A couple of beauties for your efforts David. Couldn't agree more with your comment re finding you're own and not joining the masses on the merry-go-round....can't be doing with it.

  4. I totally agree with the above comments, far more rewarding to employ a bit of fieldcraft and locate your own subjects. You did well David and as usual some stunning images.

  5. I can't believe how clear and perfect your photos are ~ They capture every element superbly.


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