Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A wedding photographer gets in the way!!!!

On a recent visit to snap some Barn Owls, I made my way to a location that I know. As I was about to secrete my self into the cover of the bushes, I was scared half witless by a camouflaged person already in my chosen spot. It was Andy Bate the renowned wedding photographer, who, had canceled all his appointments that day as the sun was shinning (buyer beware) in the hope of emulating me, and getting some wildlife images. Now I told him "I don't do weddings" so why should he cramp my style in my chosen profession. However, he is younger, bigger, and fitter than me, and very persuasive - he suggested that I leave. So I went round the corner and got these lovely pics. I think he got some airy fairy distant shots - he should stick to weddings.
The first comment has been removed only temporary, in other words it's still embedded both for police records and a copy has been sent to English Nature, I will explain my actions at a later date.


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  3. Dear Anonymous - what a shame you chose to be anonymous. Just think how proud your family and friends would be of such a pathetic diatribe! MB - ex Goose Wazzer

  4. What an anonymous brave world we live in, I refer of course to the two top comments. They actually deserve to go straight into the trash can, but seeing I have ruffled your feathers and you have taken time out of you trivial lives to send me abusive notes, I shall leave them hanging out in cyberspace for all to see.
    I don't nor do I wish to know what has upset you the most, could it be the brilliant photography (lets take a positive here "pompous arse" true artist are I suppose because as a rule as we are leaders not followers) or could it be the text which has gone over your heads, it is nothing more than light hearted banter between two friends, Andy and myself. Judging from your tone I doubt if you have anything resembling a sense of humor.
    Now I must thank the commentator with no vocabulary, for he called me a Dude, well you know I kind-a like that, yes it fits well with my ego, gives me kudos don't you think, just looking for the positives again. Oh and this Dude doesn't need your sympathy vote, because I'm just too damn good, take another look at the images.
    I do hope our "fairer sex gal" gets over her depression and you are totally wrong about my attitude to all wildlife, you make assumptions, people who do that without establishing facts usually get thing wrong.
    I suppose "fairer sex gal" we would never get on in life, If I took you out to dinner you would in all likelihood lace my my coffee with poison, and if I had to spend an hour with you I would drink it. DAVID COOKSON (its all in the name)

  5. boring owl pics. I don't know why people bother with these, they are ten a penny.

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  7. Good God! For a couple of childish IDIOTS who don't like my work you spend more time on my BLOG than I do! I can't believe that anyone over the age of four can carry on like this. Bad mouthing from NUMSKULS is praise indeed.
    You had the chance to make a name for yourselves, but you chose anonymity the choice of COWARDS, and you are COWARDS of the highest order.
    Anyhow I didn't set this BLOG up for LUNATICS to fester their shallow thoughts on, there are plenty more sites out there for you to indulge your fantasies in.
    One more thing before I leave you, when you go back to the asylum explain to you doctor that you need a change in your medication, because the one your on isn't working.

  8. Oh I say!!....what thoroughly dreadful types, David!!....and one professes to be a female!!?....she should wash her mouth out with soap!!

    This is the type of scum that gives the web community a bad name and we (as decent folk) should not give their foul ways any heed......they thrive on upsetting people with more talent than they, and really ought to be barred from using the internet!

    May I suggest that you erase their comments as they come in.....and therefore, perhaps they will tire of this pathetic nonesense and melt away into oblivion, from whence they slithered.

    BTW...your images are simply fabulous, David and long may they continue!


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