Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Alwinton Northumberland

Its now our 17th year at the cottage close to Alwinton. When I wake in the morning I instinctively know whether or not to rise by the shade of the light that creeps through a gap in the curtains. The signs were good and when I looked through the patio doors Barrow Scar was glowing bright red with the rising sun. No time to dress , it was straight out with the camera, there was a photograph at every turn and in no time at all I found myself down by the river. As I turned into the light two Canada Geese appeared out of the misty river Coquet and climbed the dewey bank. After half an hour I suddenly felt cold and wet as I had ventured out in my pajama's, dressing gown and slippers, had I been anywhere else in England men in white coats would have been escorting me back to the asylum.


  1. A most enjoyable read of your short commentary on the early rise from your bed at the cottage at Alwinton for the 17th year David....sounds truly idyllic and with an excellent pic as proof.


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