Sunday, 14 March 2010

At Long Last a New Post

Finally I get round to updating my Blog.
Lately I have spent a lot of time watching a local Barn Owl, observing its habits as it hunts its prey. I have managed a couple of shots in the gloom of evening, but nothing to write home about, with patience that will be corrected.
On one of my early evening forays I was approached by a lovely couple Pauline and Neil who have a shared interest in photography and were interested in what I was up to. When they discovered that my interest is wildlife photography they enthused about the birds that visited their garden feeders. Amongst other species Great Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch are present all the time - my ears pricked up - would you mind if I visited I tentatively asked, not at all was the reply, you can even have a cup of tea while you take your photographs - now, how could I resist an offer like that.
So I bobbed down at the earliest opportunity and what a warm welcome. The birds as promised were merrily feeding away and the tea and chat was overflowing. After viewing Pauline & Neil's stunning underwater images and I mean stunning with a capital S, I got down to snapping from the lounge window.
I can put my hide up in the garden and shoot from there next time - sometimes life is simply wonderful. Thanks P&N


  1. Fantastic. Great to see you back with these fab shots.

  2. Thanks Marcus, its good to be back. Hope the Scots are treating you well.

  3. Dave. Like the new blog and good to meet up again last week. Lovely images as always and look forward to more of your adventures.

  4. Cheers Brian, yes it was great - hope your colds clearing up - see you soon.

  5. Good to see you back in action with some great stuff!

  6. Cheers Matt, see you on the Farnes maybe


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