Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Little Fish BIG Fish and no chips!!!!

We photographers find it hard to get things right at times - actually, most of the time in my case - short of having three cameras with different lens permanently attached and wheelbarrow to cart them around in, we have to second guess what's going to happen and have the correct lens attached for the forthcoming action.
My first encounter with a pair of wild Goldeneye wasn't going to plan as they were to distant with the 500mm lens alone, so I popped on the 2x converter to get a closer shot. Then, quite unexpectedly a Cormorant erupted from the water bang in front of me flailing a fish - I could hear him saying "who's a clever boy then" - by the time I swung the camera round, the event was over, he was swimming off to dry his feathers with a bulge in his neck. Bugger, lightning never strikes twice, but for once it did, almost in the same spot another Cormorant emerged - reminding me of the film Alien - this time it toyed with it's meal, a Carp or Rudd I think, with the converter on I really struggled to frame the scene as it was much to close, I would have got a much better shot with the 500mm on it's own.
Deciding this must be a good fishing place for the Cormorants, I returned a few days later, I also decided that under no circumstances would I even contemplate attaching the converter.
Well I waited and waited as photographers do, but alas no Cormorants.
Wait though, whats that in the distance? It's a Little Grebe, with a fish!!!! BUGGER!!! where's the bloody converter?

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