Thursday, 12 May 2011


A couple of shots from a packed hide at Marshside, where two pairs of Avocets and a pair of Oystercatchers are nesting on the scrapes directly outside the hide. In fact one of the Avocets stretched his legs to reveal the new chick to the world.
Evidently these photographs contravene Birdguids rules on nest photograph, and refused publication even though they allowed a photo of a full nest of brooding Blue-Tit chicks earlier in the week, and a Sand Martin in the nest-hole, also a pair of Kingfisher obviously around their nest.....what hypocracy. I have told them!!!!
Just look in on Birdguides in the next few weeks (I won't) and you will see photos of parent birds with food for their hungry chicks by the bucket load.....obviously taken at or around the nest....ops, and then what happens when Farne Island pic start to flood in? Will they be published? Yes of course.
While I'm on the subject I did think of applying for a licence last year to photograph nesting Kingfisher, until I found out that the licence was a licence to "Disturb Nesting Birds", Natural England, watch my lips you won't get a picture if you disturb them!!!!



  1. Dave. I am on your side in this one. Marshside is a special case where avocets have nested happily for many years under the noses of photographers and watchers alike without any stress or disturbance. I hope Birdguides reconsider and publish your excellent images.

  2. Thanks Brian, I don't think they will I was told that I'm encouraging nest photography and I found out today that I'm not the only one to be denied publication from Marshside.
    They also banned shots of the Dartford Warbler at World's End. Perhaps we should up-sticks and go live in Norfolk or Suffolk or maybe send photos of our garden birds, instead of pushing the boundaries of photography.


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