Sunday, 22 May 2011

Marshside in Glorious Colour & Black at Home

Whilst visiting Marshside over the past few weeks I've had to contend with a mixture of greys as far as the light was concerned. So it was a pleasure to visit the other day in beautiful Spring sunshine.
Strong light isn't always the best for photography, but when a Black-tail Godwit puts an appearance in in stunning plumage then good light lift's the shot no end.
On the home front my latest garden visitor is a very un-colourful Rook.



  1. My comment is a simple one David....A couple of beautiful creatures, beautifully photographed.

  2. Dave. It is a great shame that your friends and followers on Birdguides won't be able to enjoy such stunning images as those above. The colours on the BTG just take the breath away...Fabulous.


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