Sunday, 1 May 2011

Just Champion

An offer to go to Fair Snape to photograph dotterel was declined as I was feeling distinctly under the weather. I instead went to my local cemetery to photograph whitethroat, I drove home still feeling quite rough. As I sat having a bit of dinner Pete Woodruff called to say there where nine dotterel on Champion Hill just east of Stocks Reservoir. I phoned the couple who had offer me a lift to tell them, but they had already sussed that out and where on their way back.
A good friend of mine Barrie Kelly phoned on another matter and during the conversation the dotterel sighting came up, I'm up for that shall we go, I explained that I was a bit under the weather, I'll pick you up, you'll be OK, it'll do you good. Reluctantly I agreed, I must be mad I thought to myself, its already gone three.

So at five in the evening I found myself standing on top of Champion Hill, when I say standing I mean leaning at thirty degrees into a very strong wind.
Strangely for dotterel they where very flighty and after an hour and a half we were about call it a day, when in the flew and landed right beside us, they were quite confiding for the next half an hour, but obstinately they had their backs to for most of the time. On the other hand we had some glorious evening light and observed a wonderful sunset.

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