Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Day at Seahouses

We leave the valley for a day out at Seahouses, although the Farne Islands are beckoning, they will have to wait a while as the beach round and up to the golf course has much to offer.
The cacophony of noise by the cliffs next to the golf course comes from a kittiwake colony and is usually caused by one parent relieving another on guard duty at the nest site. Great shots are to be had both from the path above and when the tide is out below also. It always strikes me as odd that out of the thousands of bird-watchers/photographer who visit the Farnes only a handful visit this gem of a place only half a mile away.
Ringed plover, rock pipits forage the rocks while sand martins collect food and vanish in holes in the soft cliff face.
Hunger takes hold of me too, and as Seahouses has the best fish and chips in the world I must join Margaret and devour our treat on a bench overlooking the pretty harbour, but not before photographing fulmar from the golf course as they patrol the edge of the cliff without so much as a wing-beat.


  1. Very enjoyable read Dave and great pics as always. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. I have to agree with you about the fish & chips
    they are the best I've ever had as well. We were on Holiday up there a couple of years ago
    great times.
    Cheers Colin.


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