Sunday, 28 June 2009

Glorious Return

Margaret and I were joined at the cottage by my mate Steve, who stayed for a few days as he wanted to visit the Farne Islands. Steve had made the long journey that morning, so that day we decided to stay in Coquetdale to see what delights it had to offer.

From the cottage at Barrow Mill the road winds through the valley for twelve miles to Coquet Head following the river along the way.

The outward journey was marred by frequent showers but on our return the weather was much improved and eventually it turned out to be a glorious golden late afternoon.

The featured shots are of a Wheatear and the prize of the day a Snipe sitting on a post. I held my breath as I gently rolled the car into position to get my shot, thankfully the Snipe stayed put and I grabbed half a dozen images before it took off and as it flew behind the car it made a wonderful display flight, climbing high before descending sharply, then vanishing in the bracken.


  1. Superb stuff David - cant believe I missed you on the Farnes!!!!!

  2. Dave. I bet you have had a wonderful holiday, super shots of snipe and wheatear, looking forward to more of your " holiday snaps " !!

  3. Great shots and post. I too hold my breath, when I take a shot, but they don't turn out like yours!

  4. Many thanks for your kind comments


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