Saturday, 6 June 2009

Its just not Cricket

Out for a short walk from Anglezarke to White Coppice along a track nicknamed by the birding fraternity as Willow Warbler ally, I was hoping to obtain some shots of Warblers and hopefully bump into a Cuckoo.......well I did say HOPEFULLY!!!!
The warblers were there, but hopping about so much it was making me dizzy attempting to follow them with the lens, and as for the Cuckoo, well it never even cuckoo-ed.

But there is always a silver lining, in this instance that turned out to be a pair of Stonechats by the side of the idyllic cricket ground set on the edge of the beautiful west Pennine Moors at White Coppice.
A Thrush or two usually extract worms from the cricket field but the groundsman was busy preparing the wicket so none were about. I wondered if this was an omen for what was about to happen a few hours later at a more prestigious ground, Lords the H.Q. of the game, when England would take on the mighty Netherlands.......and lose...... well that's just not cricket is it?

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