Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Large Funeral.

In a little dell off "Willow Warbler Ally" I can sit and watch a pair of Pied Flycatchers, busy feeding their young. The pair returned at Exocet speed almost crashing into one another at times, when they decided to be more orderly one would wait its turn on a perch giving me the opportunity to get a snap.

While there, I inadvertently killed a midge, this was a great mistake as Ten Thousand came to pay their respects at its demise, with the females attacking me and taking away copious amounts of my blood.


  1. Thanks P nice to get a local comment, by the way love your new team member, the lass with the two enormous

  2. Cheers David, yes, she is cute :-)
    What camera do you use? I'm a keen photographer although very much an amateur, I find wildlife tricky, flowers much easier as they tend not to run away!
    Sorry for repeating my first comment, not quite sure what went wrong there :-)

  3. Hello P, I use a selection of Canon equipment, the MK111 is a workhorse of a camera, along with the 500mm f4 lens, I also carry a 2X & 1.4X converters. I mainly hand hold as its the only way to crawl into some tight spots to get the images.
    By the way P its surprising how many ex. fishermen I know who have taken up photography.

  4. I'm impressed hand holding a 500mm :-) I'm a canon man myself and I like to think I achieve some good results with my 40D. I'm busy trying to get to grips with a new 60mm macro lens at present.
    I'm hoping I won't be an ex.fisherman for some time yet :-)


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