Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Jollies Monday

Still no sign of the woodies, but at least we had a pleasant start to the day weather wise. The usual suspect where on the wall and feeders, although the numbers had increased dramatically since Saturday, but I have doubled the seed and introduced nigger and put up two more nut feeders.
From the wall
Juvenile Wheatear

And a Goldfinch

Margaret felt like a stroll up the lane to look at the verges for wild flowers particularly since I told her I had seen ragged robin the previous day.
We took a leisurely walk scrutinising the bank verges as we did so, as I got down on my hands and knees (not easy) to start taking some images Margaret called me to come over quickly (impossible).

Ragged Robin

What is it I asked, it's an Adder, she pointed with her walking stick, I arrived in time to see it slide away and vanish in the undergrowth.

Hidden Viper

We retired for lunch (dinner), after which I returned to the spot where we had last seen the Adder, I scoured the banking and found a hole and on further inspection I could just see the Adder's head in the darkness. As it was quite warm I settled down in the hope it would come out to sunbath. I didn't have to long a wait before it slid out some eighteen inches in front of me, it then vanished into a melee of grass.
A brief encounter

Proceedings where halted when a shepherd I know stopped to see what I was photographing, only some grasshoppers I told him, had I mentioned snake it would have been it's demise.


  1. Excellent post David.

    Of course it goes without saying....excellent images, and the adder....well!

  2. Thanks Pete, you never know what's going to turn up in this part of the world....even on a quiet day.

  3. David these pictures are great. I have always wanted to get some good snake pictures like these.


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