Friday, 8 July 2011

Jollies Sunday

After a drive into "civilisation" to collect the Sunday papers, I settled down for breakfast keeping a close eye on the wall as I did so. I had heard that a pair of woodpeckers had been visiting the feeders and was keen to snap them, in the event they didn't turn up, but a yellowhammer did, so that was number one priority.

After that I was keen to get up onto the hills half a mile from the cottage to look for one of my favorite birds the whinchat. The habitat is perfect with ferns decorating the hillside and as I approached I could hear them calling. I walked up the bridle path and looked out over the ferns and sure enough the winchat were calling from the fronds. I settled down close to foxglove in the hope they would land on one.

A couple eventually did land and that despite two Apache helicopters constantly flying overhead firing off salvo after salvo. Although not the best of light and the flowers not fully opened I was quite happy with my days work



  1. Gorgeous images David, shame you don't share them on Birdguides, but thats another story.....

  2. Thanks Paul, I did explain my reasons in an earlier post.


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